The NOVA-System is a BUS-System developed by the mechonics ag with the aim to connect different micro positioning device together to one system with a central power delivery and unified driver architecture. The mechonics ag is a provider of piezoelectric inertial drives and dedicated controllers. The company uses an established field bus system (CAN) and combines it with a power delivery system with 5V and 42V voltage suppliers, which are necessary to drive piezoelectric controllers in connection with mechonics ag positioners. The NOVA-Bus is deliberately restricted to a subset of the rich features of the CAN-Bus in order to protect the user from complex network problems. For this system different positioners like piezoelectric inertial drives, stepper motors and sensors are available. All connected NOVA-Devices can be accessed by address, command numbers and command data. The main advantages are: All devices within a network can be reached by the same application and all messages from the devices are automatically stored on the NOVA-Stack, which is accessible by the user. The power delivery system allows the operation of devices. No further power supplies are necessary. Operation within a regular CAN-Bus system with external power supply is also possible. NOVA-Bus controllers for all existing mechonics ag positioners are available. 


The main advantages are:

• All devices of a network are reachable from the same Application and all answers from the devices are on the NOVA-Stack and readably.

• The power delivery system facilitates the connection of devices.

• No special power supplies are necessary.

• If the NOVA-System should no longer be supported, it may be possible to utilize the device in a CAN-Bus system.

• For all existing positioner there are comparable controllers for the NOVA-Bus.