The NDMS1 (NOVA Device Multiphase Servo Number of Ports 1) is a device only for the DSP50 piezo positioner.



  • Very stable and linear voltage curves
  • Voltage for the piezos can be changed in very fine gradations
  • Device is for a piezoelectric initial drive with four independent phases (DSP50)
  • Computational step size is smaller than 1nm
  • Positioning measurement system has a resolution of 1nm
  • Device has a position control with change both the step size and the step frequency
  • Temperature measurement (PT1000) inside the DSP50
  • Step size and step frequency (velocity) is adjustable in a wide range
  • Device has a hard limit detection with automatic shut off - thresholds are adjustable
  • Go to limit and search reference functions
  • Slow voltage change at startup
  • Maximum speed is 1mm/s with depends on the connected positioner
  • Absolute and relative step counter
  • Yellow LED shows the power state & green LED shows the bus traffic
  • Case has an additional ground connector
  • Time constants for the servo loop are adjustable
  • Device has a programmable device ID to use more devices of the same type


Power Supply

  • 5V/42v via NOVA


  • NOVA
  • Quadrature encoder interfas
  • The interpolator is inside the plug
  • Piezos and PT1000


  • 15pin female D-sub plug DA-15 (Interpolator)
  • 15pin female D-sub plug DE-15 (Controller to stage)
  • RJ45 socket (NOVA)

Speed modes

  • 0 to 32767 (0 to ~1.2mm/s)


  • about 265 g


  • 113 x 105 x 30 mm (L x W x H)


Article Number

  • ND.MS1.DSP50