MS15 xy-mounted (vacuum edition)
2 Dimensional Vacuum

MS15 xy-mounted (vacuum edition)

  • for high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar
  • 3.5 mm travel in x and y direction
  • 15 x 15 mm footprint


Ultra small miniature translation stages with piezo electic inertial drive. Vacuum edition of MS15.


Technical data
Width15 mm
Height7 mm
Depth15 mm
Travel3 mm
Article NumberMS.015.0462
Mass6 g
Velocity1.5 mm/s
Max. Load (2 axis)
Mx, My, Mz (momentum)4 Ncm
Blocking forces (Fx, Fy)3 N
Bearing force (Fz)20 N
Guidance accuracy
Yaw angle20 arc sec
Pitch angle60 arc sec
Vertical deviation1 um
Lateral deviation2 um
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