• piezoelectric inertial drive
  • blocking force of 16 N
  • measurement system 1 nm resolution
  • step size < 1 nm
  • closed loop controller
  • step size is adjustible


The DSP50 is a piezoelectric inertial drive with four phases and eight piezos. The internal symmetric structure of the case minimizes the influence of the piezo forces to the bearing.
The DSP50 has a blocking force of 16 N. The speed of the positioner depends on the full step frequency and voltage amplitude of the applied device. The DSP50 has a docking site for one position measurement system. The actual system is by the company Renishaw®. The encoder together with the interpolator has a resolution of one nanometer. Please ask for additional values like: short travel accuracy, jitter, long travel accuracy.


Technical data



Width50 mm
Height16 mm
Depth60.5 mm
Travel11 mm
Article number       DSP.050.1006
Mass115 g
Velocity1 mm/s


Max. load


Momentum (Mx)0.05 Nm
Momentum (My)0.05 Nm
Momentum (Mz)0.05 Nm
Blocking force (Fx) 16 N
Bearing force (Fy, Fz) 30N



  • Quadrature encoder interfase
  • The interpolator is inside the plug
  • Piezos and PT1000


  • 15pin male D-sub plug DA-15 (Interpolator to encoder)
  • 15pin male D-sub plug DE-15 (Controller to stage)